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The Original Guru - aka The Web Nerd has finally Lost It!  Now the Secret Copyrighter is FREE!

Suitable to Prove Your Case in Court (if Necessary).

Another Innovation of The Original Guru, helping you protect what's yours online.

Coming Soon an Innovation to register the Date and Time of new Copyright creations and even Intellectual Property Creation! More info Below!

Easily Prove What Is Yours!

Finally, Breakthrough Software That Will Help You Protect Your Valuable COPYRIGHTED Images...AND MORE!

The new Secret Copyrighter software will allow you to hide data in any file that nobody can see...such as jpg,gif,bmp,etc.

Not to mention... Exe, zip, and more! The software was originally designed to help prove image theft...but is now fully featured to detect theft of other applications! The software works great to make hidden marks on your software, graphics, or any other files that you have copyrighted!


If you ever have to go to court, make sure Secret Copyrighter by ProtectCopy is in your arsenal!

Protect Copyrights Now Offered FREE of CHARGE! Protect Copyrights

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Protect Copyrights

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Protect Copyrights

Due to Recent Frivolous Federal Litigation against the Internet Guru Mike Nelson, the Secret Copyrighter is now available:

  FREE of Charge to everyone!  

Why the Web Nerd Nelson providing this valuable software Free of Charge?

The Answer:  Recent frivolous litigation filed against the Internet Guru / Web Nerd was initiated with perjures affidavit and supported by FABRICATED evidence and manipulated Email Data; to combat this new trend of Cyber Criminals using the US Federal Courts to exact personal revenge and attempt mass extortion through FABRICATED and MANIPULATED electronic correspondence the Web Nerd is pleased to Offer the Secret Copyrighter FREE of Charge!  How does this help you?  Simple, by simply emailing the Web Nerd below you will be provided a copy of Secret Copyrighter for NOTHING!  When sending emails (electronic mail) you should always include a picture file (jpg or gif) in the email, typically at the end a small logo of your company or even a small smiley face or other graphic.  Using the Secret Copyrighter you can load unique codes and even paragraphs of information directly into the picture file itself!  Now when a less than honest individual tries to sue you in Court, you can petition and the Court shall pursuant with the Federal Rules of Evidence (most State Courts follow these same guidelines) require the Original Document to prove the content of a paper submitted document.  Since the Original Document of an email is in Electronic form the ONLY way to prove the original is actually the true and correct document (email or other correspondence) is to use the Secret Copyrighter to decode the picture file and prove the original is the original.  

This same methodology and technology is being implemented by rPost International, a company with numerous patents on Registered Email Delivery.  rPost International's email delivery system has been used extensively by the Web Nerd when sending critical electronic mail (emails).  Interestingly rPost International is used by the United States Federal Government extensively, including GSA, DOJ, GAO, IRS, and numerous law enforcement departments and agencies.  Both the Secret Copyrighter and rPost International (registered email) have been upheld by the Courts (State and Federal in the United States and Internationally as well) as the ONLY true proof an original is the true original.

Don't get caught by a dishonest, unethical person, use Secret Copyrighter.  Now provided FREE of Charge, let the Secret Copyrighter be your first line of defense for your websites and electronic correspondence.  Email the Web Nerd today for your free software:

Email the Web Nerd for Free Secret Copyrighter
 If you have any questions please ProtectCopy Tech Support.

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Protect Copyrights

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Protect Copyrights Protect Copyrights The Secret Copyrighter (Provided FREE of CHARGE) 
Protect Copyrights International Authentication & Certification (we are working on providing it free)
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